Hitpulse PowerHour

Brand new to Hitpulse is our totally unique Power Hour program. This program was implemented to give those members who regularly use the system a chance to purchase extra traffic for an extremely reduced rate. The following are the details outlining the program:

  • Every day, we will offer an incredible deal on an advertising package, but only for 1 HOUR!!!
  • As soon as the Power Hour begins, it will be displayed accross the top of your start page and the message will remain there until the Power Hour has ended.
  • Members will NOT be told in advance as to when the Power Hour will be. It will only be announced on your start page during the hour that it is running.
  • There is NO limit to the number of packages that you can purchase so you are more than welcome to stock up on traffic while it is cheap!!
  • The Power Hour is a one-hour block of time and will not necessarily start and stop on the hour (ie. it could be between 4:20pm and 5:20pm)

Traffic Specials
Visitors Price  
750 $9.99 BUY
1,500 $16.99 BUY
6,000 $49.99 BUY
12,000 $77.99 BUY

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