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Getting traffic has never been this easy!

Within a few short minutes, you can be earning traffic back to the websites of your choice at absolutely no cost to you!

There are a lot of ways to increase your earnings with Hitpulse. From our unique Power Points reward system, to the exciting and unique power group structure, there is no end to the amount of traffic that you can earn!

PLUS, if you choose to upgrade to our Premium membership level, then your earnings are basically doubled!

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Hitpulse Power Points

Welcome to our totally unique Power Points system. In addition to all the direct hits you earn, you also receive Power Points for surfing and referring new members. You will receive Power Points for every page you surf and 250 Power Points for every new member you refer to Hitpulse! Power Points can be traded in for traffic at any time based on the current trading rate. They can also be sold back to us for LogiBucks, which can be used to purchase traffic or membership packages. PLUS, if you are a Premium member, then you will be able to transfer your LogiBucks to other programs in the Logiscape network!

Hitpulse Multiplies your traffic!

Let's do some quick math... If you surf 500 pages per week and refer just 10 new members, you will earn (10 x 250 + 500 x 0.5) = 2,750 Power Points! Now, you can trade these in for as many as 1,100 hits ... plus the 500 credits that you would have receive directly from surfing, and you come out with a total of 1,600 hits, which you can send to any website you want! This is no exageration! And so by consistently surfing and promoting Hitpulse, you can get a LOT in return ... and this is just a small example. The potential to earn a lot more traffic is just around the corner.

*Above example refers to a Premium member. A free account under the same example would earn as much as 800 hits.

Why have over 100,000 people turned to HitPulse for traffic?

A: If you don't get traffic, you won't make sales! Plain and simple, Hitpulse works to help you get the customers you need. With our unique Power Point system, you can earn more without any additional effort.

B: The people you refer to Hitpulse cannot resist this totally incredible system, which makes earning traffic as easy as 1-2-3!

C: It's easy, fun and guaranteed!

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